CSP is an acronym which stands for Concentrating Solar Power.
Is based on the concentration of sunrays which are focused to get high temp.  fluid and get through cogeneration, with absorption machines, you get cooling to about seven degrees.
The plants require a space from 200 to over 1000 square meters, are encouraged by DM28, with a contribution of 65% repayable in 5 years.
 save  up to  60.000 liters of fuel or electricity .



A solar concentrator allows the exploitation of solar energy and convert it into thermal energy at high temperature, which can be directly used in the industrial process steam production. The system consists of a series of reflective surfaces that concentrate solar radiation onto a receiver tube positioned in the focal line. The surface treatment of the receiver allows it to absorb up to 96% of solar energy and to heat the high temperature (above 300 ° C) the fluid flowing inside the tube receiver. The solar radiation incident on a field mirrors is concentrated in a non-linear absorber tube integral with the mirrors (fixed position). The mirrors are connected to each other with positioning angles different for each row, in order to optimize the solar reflection. In this way, are moved in solidarity with extreme accuracy by following the apparent motion of the sun.
Thanks to sophisticated mathematical algorithms and the handling system, the solar radiation is reflected and concentrated on the tube receiver placed at a height of several meters above the surface of the mirrors. To avoid the dispersion of the reflected light from the primary surface, and not the focusing on the absorber tube, a secondary reflective surface is placed above the absorber tube to re-concentrate the rays on it. The concentrating solar power heats the absorber tube, inside which flows a thermal fluid that absorbs the heat and reaches high temperatures up to a maximum of 500 degrees

DM 28

Thermal energy in industry


Unlike common solar panels for generating hot water for domestic purposes (with temperatures below 95° C), this type of system generates medium and high temperatures (400° C and below) allowing use in industrial applications such as the generation of electricity and/or heat for industrial processes (cogeneration).

The great revolution in relation to other solar electric generating technologies (photovoltaic), however, is the possibility of producing electricity with the incentive of € 0.36/kWh even in periods of absence of primary energy source during the night or overcast from clouds with the possibility of heat buildup in special tanks, placing at least partial remedy physical limits of continuous/pulsing imposed by this type of energy source.

It is a renewable and alternative energy technology than traditional ones based on fossil fuels and nuclear power, whose operating principle has distant origins being traced back to more than 2 millennia ago by Archimedes on mirrors ustori.

Source: wikipedia, the free encyclopedia