Technologies Srl


Proxima is a company specialized in technology, engineering sector ,renewable energy and  security alarms .We are Certified SOA OG9  II.
The team consists of engineers and  technicians and engineers with proven experience in different areas.

 Facilities &  Services

We supply and install  videosurveillance and security systems.

Facilities & services

We supply and install plants: we perform with utmost care electrical systems, electronic, hydraulic, HVAC design, we operate in the field of renewable energy.

Mini Eolico

With the term minieolico or small wind, it refers to the production of electricity from wind power realized with the use of wind turbines height of less than 30 meters.
The wind turbines can be of service to a user isolated not plugged in or connected to both a self-production in exchange for the supply of electricity to the grid (with contribution to the so-called distributed generation). The difference with the large wind turbine resides in the size of the machines as well as in the ability to operate economically with wind regimes lower than those required by the huge industrial machines.